Spaghetti And Eggs

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Spaghetti And Eggs

source: mhaithaca

A couple of nights ago, I wanted pas­ta for din­ner.  Aft­er brain­storm­ing for a while, Spag­het­ti And Eggs is the dish I came up with.  This rec­ipe is so good, I made it again this after­noon.


     4 oz. spaghetti, cooked and drained

     3 eggs, slightly beaten

     1/2-1 cup shredded cheese

     1/2 cup frozen chopped spinach, cooked and well drained (optional)

     1 tablespoon butter or margarine

      salt to taste


Melt the but­ter in a large, heavy fry­ing pan.  Add all other in­gred­ients. Stir­ring con­stant­ly, cook over med­ium flame till done. Add more salt if the dish tastes bland.

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