Vegetarian Nachos With Three Variations

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Vegetarian Nachossource: CeresB

This recipe for Vegetarian Nachos is super easy and super delicious. Once you taste these, you are going to want to make them all the time.


tortilla chips


shredded mozzarella cheese


Place a single layer of chips on a microwavable plate (there can be a slight amount of overlap). Sprinkle lightly with salsa. Sprinkle lightly with cheese. Microwave on high for 40 to 80 seconds, depending on the strength of your microwave.

Vegetarian Nacho Variations

Vegetarian Nachos with Onion and Olives: Sprinkle chips with finely chopped onions and olives before adding other ingredients

Vegetarian Nachos with Chili Beans: Mix a can of drained chili beans into the salsa before sprinkling onto chips.

Vegetarian Nachos with Other Cheeses: Substitute shredded cheddar or american cheese for the mozzarella, if none is available.

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