Veggie Hater’s Bean Soup

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Veggie Hater's Bean Soup

source: mikehipp

My son likes beans, but hates tomat­oes and onions (as well as most other veg­et­ables). When he asked me to teach him to cook bean soup, I had to come up with my own recipe, as all the rec­ipes books I con­sul­ted in­clud­ed those two out­lawed veg­et­ables.  My son loves the rec­ipe I de­vised, and makes it all the time!

If you also have a  veg­et­able hat­er in your family, you might want to give my Veg­gie Hater’s Bean Soup a try. It’s very simp­lis­tic, as it was cre­ated for a very new cook who dis­likes comp­li­cated fla­vors.


4 cups water

1 tablespoon onion soup mix

handful of carrots

1 teaspoon dried basil

1/2 can kidney beans

1 teaspoon salt

handful of macaroni


Add all ingredients, except macaroni, to a large pot. Bring to boil. When soup is boiling, add macaroni and turn down flame slightly. When macaroni is tender, remove soup from flame and serve.

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