12 Crafty Ways To Reuse Phone Books


12 Crafty Ways To Reuse Phone Books

Now that everyone looks up numbers on the internet,  the phone companies will eventually stop sending new phone books each year. Until that time comes, however,  here are some of my favorite uses for phone books.

1. Gift Bows. Use pages from telephone books to make subtly colored, but surprisingly attractive gift bows.

2. Paper Beads. Slice and roll paper beads from telephone book pages to create unique  fashion jewelry.

3. Cutting Mats. Need an impromptu cutting mat? Try using an old telephone book to protect surface and keep the craft knife from being damages.

4. Origami Wallet. Fold a wallet in just a few moments using pages from the phone book.

5. Furniture. There are several methods for recycling phone books into coffee tables and chairs. Take a look at the links here and here.

6. Construct A Building. Amazing building is made from 7,000 phone books.

7. Pen Organizer. Stacks of telephone book pages are cut, folded and glued together to make a great organizers for pens, pencils and other small office supplies.

8. Flower Press. No need to purchase a flower press when old phone books work just as well.

9. Secret Hiding Space. Hardback books are generally used to make hollowed out hiding spaces for valuables. However, because of the size, phone books can be used just as well.

10. Paper Bunting. Phone books make a great disposable bunting for parties and other special occasions.

11. Flowers. You can make gorgeous flowers from phone books (see above photo).

12. Paper Mache. Because phone book pages are so thin, they make a great top-layer for intricate paper mache projects.

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