32 Ways To Recycle Old Towels

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32 Ways To Recycle Old Towels

If you ever had the misfortune of opening my towel closet you would find four types of towels: Slightly Embarrassing, Completely Embarrassing and Possibly Fixable. Plus, hidden way, way, in the back are two “company” towels my mother bought me the last time she came to visit.

In an attempt to clean out my mess, I have made a list of ways to recycle old towels, divided by category.

The Slightly Embarrassing category consists of the towels that have sections that can be cut off and recycled into other projects.

The Completely Embarrassing towels are the ones that are total rags, and should be recycled as such.

The Possibly Fixable towels are a bit of a science experiment. Add the right proportions of enough chemicals, and your towels may come out nice enough for you to continue to use.

Here it goes….


For The Kids


Homemaking Helpers

Home Decor

Possibly Fixable

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