A Dozen Crafty Ways To Recycle Cereal Boxes


While some materials are quite hard to find a re-use for, others are actually quite easy.  Cardboard ce­real box­es fall into the se­cond cat­eg­ory.  There are an end­less num­ber of things that can be done with them. Here are some of my fav­or­ites ways to re­cyc­le this use­ful mat­er­ial.

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1. Used cereal boxes make great packaging for gifts. The boxes can be turned inside out, or used as is.

2. Organizers can also be made from cereal boxes. Cover the boxes with contact paper for a more finished look.

3. Ornaments can be put together with the kids using old cereal boxes.

4.  Make a very good looking and useful cereal box notepad.

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5.  A cereal box folder is another way to use this material.

6. Cereal box wallets look so nice, you might never use anything else again.

7. Paper beads are a fun to make parent and child cereal box project.

8. These journal are so bright and fun, it’s hard to believe how much you can do with a cereal box.

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9. Cereal boxes are bright and colorful…. just what you want in a  mobile.

10. This recycled notebook uses the inside of the cereal box for a subdued look.

11. Make wonderful 3D stars out of cereal boxes.

12. No one will believe this gorgeous mail organizer was made out of  cereal boxes.

If you know of any other cereal box crafts, please let me know in the comment section.  Thanks.

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