Don’t Do That! 10 Big Sewing Mistakes

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sewing mistakesI love to im­pro­vise when I sew.  I find it grat­ify­ing to change a hem length, de­sign my own col­lar and/or embel­lish the pock­ets. How­ever, in the process of ex­peri­ment­ing, I’ve made vir­tual­ly every sew­ing mis­take pos­sible.

For­tunate­ly, I’ve learned from my blun­ders, and so can you. Do your­self a favor, and don’t re­peat my poor choices.

Here is a list of 10 common sewing mistakes that absolutely must be avoided:

1) Skipping instructions. Unless you’ve made the project 1000 times, you must read the instructions.

2) Neglecting ironing. Ironing is incredibly boring, but poor ironing shows in a finished garment.

3. Sloppy marking. I hate marking, but some of the worst looking tops I made were due to incorrectly placed darts. Take your time and mark carefully.

4.Using incorrect fabric. I once made a dress out of some lovely batik-look cotton. Unfortunately, the dress was supposed to be made out of stretchy poly cotton and it ended up in the trash.

5. Chosing the wrong size pattern. You don’t want to spend 10 hours on a dress and then realize it should have been made a size smaller or larger. If your not sure of your size, grab a tape measure.

6. Choppy cutting. You might be able to get away with bad cutting on a large flowing skirt, but it can be a disaster for smaller items, like panties.

7. Laying out the pattern wrong. Remember, check twice (or three times), cut once.

8. Working with the wrong needle. There have been several times when I haven’t had the correct sewing machine needle in the house and thought I could fake my way through. I couldn’t.

9. Poor pinning. A couple of years ago I  made a hat and skipped pinning the brim to the band. Big mistake. Big.

10. Rushing (and ruining) the finishing steps. The result is poor topstitching, uneven button holes and homemade looking clothing.

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