Free Crossover Apron Pattern


utilityapron-capWhen I first saw this craft­er’s ap­ron re­quest pop up on my screen, I thought it was going to be a cinch to fill.  Not so! I had a heck of a time track­ing down the pat­tern the read­er wanted.

But guess what?

It was worth it.  This apron pattern is great!

Question: I am looking for a apron pattern that… how do I describe it… has two loops that go over your head and makes the arm holes when you cross them.  If you know of it please let me know.

Answer: I found a wonderful pattern for exactly the apron you want over at Tipnut.  The sewing pattern was originally published in a booklet called Aprons – The Spool Cotton Company(1945). Tipnut has published quite a few of these fabulous old patterns on their website.

I’m so glad they found a way to stop these vintage apron patterns from dying out!

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