Free Kimono Patterns

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Free Kimono PatternsKimonos have a grace and elegance not found in any other type of cloth­ing. Full length kim­on­os make beaut­if­ul robes. Kim­on­os cut to hip length make won­der­ful jack­ets. Many people have even used the general style of the kimono, to make non-kimono dresses and blouses.

For general information on kimonos, including how to wear them check out this site.

Kimono History

Brief histories on the kimono, from earliest to present day. Lots of photos and illustration.

Traditional Kimono Pattens

Patterns for traditional kimono only. They can be used with a variety of sizes.

Americanized Kimono Patterns

Modern seamstresses have taken the look of the kimono and used it as the basis for many stylish fashions.

Kimono Inspiration

Inspiration only. Use the ideas you glean from these sources to create your own unique kimono.


The two links listed below are Amazon affiliate links. Amazon has a lot of other resources available, but I am reluctant to recommend anything else.

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  1. Boyce Flaten says:

    I suppose I should get to work at some point today!! 😉 Yoga bags, kimono blouses and boyfriend blazers to sew!!

  2. Love Kimonos – great site!

  3. Barbara Green says:

    I would like to know how to make a obi.


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