Quilting Tips

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 quilting-tipssource: Rosa Pomar

Recycle Fabric

Recycle unwanted clothes to make your quilts. If you can’t find the right color in your own stash, see what’s available at the thrift shop or what your friends no longer need.

Be Thrifty When Buying New

If you decide to purchase new quilting fabric, take a look at the ideas in the Sewing Tips section for frugal shopping ideas.

Search the Internet for Patterns

There’s no need to buy quilting patterns or books. The internet is overflowing with beautiful patterns. Take a look at the World Wide Quilting Page for tons of great projects.

Utilize the Public Library

Consider borrowing books and magazines from the library. If you don’t see the specific book you want, ask the library to order it from interlibrary loan.

Recycle Batting

An old quilt, in good condition, may be used as the “filling” for your new one.

Don’t Buy Till You Try

Before you purchase a lot of expensive tools such as a cutting board and rotary cutter, make sure quilting is really the hobby for you. You don’t want to get bored with quilting two weeks after you went on a shopping spree.

Be Creative

A lot of quilting supplies can be made from things you have around the house. For instance, templates can be created from heavy pieces or cardboard.

Read The Tightwad Gazette

If you have access to the Tightwad Gazette books, I strongly recommend reading the sections on quilt making. You will find a lot of ideas on finding cheap supplies.

Shop Your Stash

Shop your stash before heading to the store. You may find some hidden treasures.

Skip the Sewing Machine

If you don’t own a sewing machine, consider hand sewing.  Many people, myself including, much prefer a hand sewn quilt to a machine sewn one.

Have Fabric Swap

Have an occasional fabric swap with friends. Fabrics that no longer fit your taste, may be perfect for your pals.

Create Small Projects

Consider creating small projects other than large and expensive quilts. Potholders, vests, pillows and lap quilts are all fun and a lot cheaper to make than a queen size quilt.

Learn Frugal Techniques

Learn scrap quilting and crazy quilting. Both of these techniques allow you to use up very small pieces of fabric.

Look for Freebies

Look for freebies. Never turn down a bag of old linens and discarded clothes. Search craig’s list. Regularly search your local freecycle.

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