DIY Patched Skirt


DIY Patched SkirtDescription: Great looking way to add a little patchwork to your clothing. This is one of the few patchwork clothing projects I’ve seen with a modern look vs. a country look.

Craft Link: DIY Patched Skirt

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65 Free Shirt Patterns


65 Free Shirt PatternsShirts are much more comp­li­cat­ed to make than skirts. Neck­lines need to fit per­fect­ly, sleeves need to be set neat­ly and bod­ic­es need to sit cor­rect­ly. That’s why there aren’t a lot of free shirt pat­terns av­ail­ab­le on the in­ter­net.

My two fav­or­ite re­sourc­es for free shirt pat­terns are Bur­da and Week­end De­sign­er. In ad­di­tion, some of my fav­or­ite sew­ing blogs have come out with ad­or­ab­le sum­mer tops.

 Ladies Year-Round Tops

Free Shirt Patterns 1Thirty  Minute Kimono Jacket and Lydia Shirt Pattern

Katia Shrug Pattern and Plantain T-Shirt Pattern

Free Shirt Patterns 2High Low Shirt Tutorial and Free Cape Pattern

Emily Shirt Pattern and Easy T-Shirt Pattern

Free Shirt Patterns 3Knit T-Shirt and Bands & Buttons Raglan Top

Dolman Sleeve Top and Mandy Boat Long Sleeve Tee


Ladies Summer Tops

dsc_0023_371Ruffle Tube Top and Summer Tank Top

131-bandeau-top-01_lgPattern For A Bandeau

1586142_42aa_largeTank Top Pattern and  Serape Shirt Pattern

Free Shirt Patterns 5Gathered Tube Top and Shirred Pillowcase Top

Halter Top Pattern and Stylish Apron Top

hengstcamiSweet Camie Pattern and Simple Scarf Halter Top

691_1345323719Pleated Neck T-Shirt and Bias-Cut Camisole

squeezebox top1 48Anthropologie Top

Ladies Recycled Shirts

372x600xanthropologie-shirt-refashion_close3-372x600.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qq27adDZUwAnthropologie Shirt Refashion and T-Shirt to Halter Top

6151f586565e98f6c526bbb1aeb75f0bDiagonal Color Block Shirts

oversized-white-shirt-refashion-tutorial_beforeafter-600x600DIY Oversize T-Shirt Refashion

600x534xchiffon-bottom-shirt-refashion-tutorial-600x534.jpg.pagespeed.ic.w0CtPFMwPgChiffon Bottom Shirt Redo

medium_shirt_to_peasant_top_1275873979Peasant Top From Men’s Shirt

medium_peplumPeplum Blouse Refashion

plaidRefashioned Man’s Shirt

Men’s Shirt Patterns

dry-max-hooded-vestFree Hoodie Patterns and Jakob Shirt Pattern

12-1How to Tailor A Man’s Shirt

Pete_Sideview_original_largeShort Sleeve Shirt Pattern and Man’s Shirt Pattern

4087839700_1b4170aab3Men’s Sweatshirt Refashion and Man’s T-Shirt Pattern

MensShirtBlockExtrasHowTo43_largeDrafting a Man’s Shirt Block

mens tshirt refashion before&afterDIY Woman to Man’s Shirt

alohafunwear_1962_19781377Colorful Hawaiian Shirt

mqdefaultShirt Drafting Lesson (video)

Boy’s Shirts

eThe 90 Minute Shirt

Free Shirt PatternsBoys Shirt In Many Sizes and Free Hoodie Pattern
Snap Shoulder Raglan and Easy V-Neck

hBoy’s Sweater Vest

charliepatternFree sweatshirt Pattern (6-12 mths)

Cerro torreCerro Torre Shirt and DIY Ruffle Shirt Tutorial


Boy’s Hooded Sweatshirt

a3Basic Tee For Boys

Girl’s Shirts

Free Shirt Patterns For Girls 1Modern Baby Doll Top and DIY Butterfly Sleeve Tunic

Raglan Tunic Top and Pleated Top Instructions

raglan-shirt-patternFree Raglan Shirt Pattern

Free Girl's Shirt Patterns 2The Lovebird Tunic and Girl’s Flutter Sleeve Top

Pleated Square Neck Tunic and Lizzy Peplum

Sweettea19Sweet Tea Tunic

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DIY Cocoon Cardigan


DIY Cocoon Cardigan



Description:  Easy way to make a stylish fall jacket.

Craft Link: DIY Cocoon Cardigan

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DIY Pajama Tutorial


DIY Pajama TutorialDescription: Printable pattern that fits many sizes.

Craft Link: DIY Pajama Tutorial

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How to Sew a Scarf onto a Cardigan


How to Add a Scarf to a CardiganDescription:  Instructions for sewing a translucent scarf onto a cardigan.

Craft Link: How to Sew a Scarf onto a Cardigan

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Sew A DIY Ruana


Sew a DIY RuanaDescription:  A ruana appears to be a combination of a poncho and a shawl.  I learned a new word today!

Craft Link: Sew a DIY Ruana

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DIY Ombre Tights


DIY Ombre TightsDescription: Super cute and easy project. Just make sure that none of the dye lands on your floor or work outdoors. I speak from sad experience.

Craft Link : DIY Ombre Tights

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