Old Sheets Become A New Rug


Old sheets become a new rugDescription: Turn old sheets into a rug using this tutorial. The sheets are cut into strips and then knit into a beautiful new accessory. If you would rather use new fabrics, just make sure your purchases are similar in weight to sheets.

Craft Link: Old Sheets Become A New Rug

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Knitted Neck Scarf


knitted neck scarfDescription: This scarf will provide you with a way to stay warm, while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

Craft Link : Knit Neck Scarf

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Knit Owl Tutorial


Knit Owl TutorialDescription : The wonderful thing about this tutorial is that it comes from The Purl Bee, one of my favorite blogs for knitting and sewing ideas.

Craft Link : Knit Owl Tutorial

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DIY Knit Wall Clock


DIY Knit Wall ClockDescription: This clock looks complicated to me, but according to the designer, it’s actually quite easy.

Craft Link: DIY Knit Wall Clock (Retrobaby)

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Free Knit Purse Pattern


free knit purse pattern

Description : Make a stylish pocketbook with this Free Knit Purse Pattern.

Craft Link : Free Knit Purse Pattern

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Free Thigh High Footless Socks Pattern


Free Thigh High Footless Socks PatternDescription : This Free Thigh High Footless Sock Pattern is much easier to master than a regular sock pattern.

Craft Link : Free Thigh High Footless Socks Pattern

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Knit A Blanket To Benefit Japan


knit a blanket to benefit japan

As the world is still reeling from the tragedy that  struck Japan, crafters are gearing up to raise money to benefit the people of that country. 

The generous staff over at Mason-Dixon Knitting has  done their part by designing a wonderful new knit blanket pattern, the proceeds of which will be donated to help out Japan Relief. 

The pattern is called The Mitered Crossed Blanket and sections of it are pictured above and below.  Because the blanket was designed in response to the crisis and not preplanned, there is no completed photo to post. Additional photos will be added to the website as more sections are completed.


If knitting is your thing, please click right over to Ravelry and go make your purchase right away. The cost is $5.00 and your contribution will help, in a small way, to normalize the lives of the Japanese people.

If we, as craftsman, each do what we can, we can begin to make the lives of the Japanese people a little easier to bear.

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Not Your Granny’s Yarn: A Whole New World Of Yarn Alternatives


knitting-granny-mdReady to shake things up a little?  Take your  next project to a whole new level by experimenting with fun alternatives to store bought yarn. Each of the fibers I list can be used  for both knit and crochet projects, and as an accent or for the entire piece.

Here are some of my fav­or­ites

1. Plarn – Popular for the last few years, Plarn is an acronym for plastic yarn. Grocery bags and trash bags are recycled into placemats, tote bags and wash clothes.

2. Pet Hair Yarn – Spin yarn from cat hair, dog hair and even rabbit fur. The resulting fiber makes sweaters and hats with a novel story to tell.

3. Recycled Newspaper Yarn -  At 20 yards of yarn from a single sheet, newspaper yarn enables you to do a lot, with little. Turn recycled newspapers into floor mats, wall hangings and other decorative objects.

4. T-Shirt Yarn – Since t-shirt yarn is both durable and bulky, it makes great trivets, rugs, washcloths. If “country” is not your style you may want to dye the t-shirts before using them.

5. Wire – Working with wire is not too different than working with yarn….just a bit harder on your hands. Combine the wire with beads for some seriously wonderful jewelry designs.

6. Raffia –  These fibers will all be a lot more difficult to use than yarn, but the interesting texture will make the extra effort worthwhile.

7. Denim – Denim is extremely hardy, so it’s perfect for rug making, shopping bags, trivets and pot holders.

8. VCR VHF Tapes – When I first heard about crafters using VCR VHF tapes for knitting and crocheting, I thought the results would appear juvenile  and unattractive. Not any more. You’ll be surprised at how nice tape projects turn out.

9. Polymer Clay - Create amazingly beautiful jewelry using an easy- to- master faux knitting technique…Not real yarn, but so wonderful, it was impossible to resist! Tutorial is located here.

10. Repurposed Sweaters – With today’s emphasis on economy and reuse, it’s not surprising if we look back to our frugal ancestors for some “new” ways of recycling. Unravel your own out-of-style garments or thrift store garments when your yarn collection gets low.

Other ideas?

How about string, thread, ribbon, discarded silk clothes, sheets, narrow rope, curtains and pantyhose. Virtually anything goes.

Just remember the saying. If you can think it, you can do it!

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Free Knitting Pattern – Mandarin Jacket


free knit jacket pattern, chinese styleDescription: It’s not too late to start this Free Knitting Pattern. A Mandarin Jacket is perfect alone or layered with a shirt underneath.

Craft Link : Knit Mandarin Jacket

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Felted Nesting Bowls


felted nesting bowls

Description : I love everything about these bowls; I love the shape, the color, the texture, and even the size!

Craft Link : Felted Nesting Bowls

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Free Shrug Patterns



Searching  for Free Shrug Patterns? You’ve hit the jackpot!

Here are over 35 Free Shrug Patterns for you to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy sewing, knitting or crochet. Everyone will find at least a couple of projects  to try.

Sewing Patterns

Crochet Patterns

Knitting Patterns


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Free Knit Jacket Pattern


free knit jacket patternDescription : The Free Knit Jacket Pattern is available in sizes small  to x-large.

Craft Link : Free Knit Jacket Pattern

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Pom Pom Scarf


pom pom scarfDescription : This sophisticated Pom Pom Scarf takes only a few hours to complete.

Craft Link : Pom Pom Scarf

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French Knitted Necklace


french knitted necklaceDescription : To make the French Knitted Necklace especially nice, use a textured yarn for the chain.

Craft Link : French Knitted Necklace

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Free Knit Cap Pattern


free knit cap patternDescription: This Free Knit Cap Pattern seems to make a traditional cap with a hint of the newsboy look.

Craft Link : Free Knit Cap Pattern

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Free Projects From Let’s Knit Magazine


free projects from let's knit

Description : Tons of free projects from the archives of Let’s Knit Magazine. Must fill out free registration to access project instructions.

Craft Link : Free Projects From Let’s Knit Magazine

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Knit Poncho Pattern


Knit Poncho PatternsDescription : I love this easy design,  but I think I’d prefer making the Knit Poncho Pattern without the rosette.

Craft Link : Knit Poncho Pattern

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Knit V-Neck Jumper Pattern


Description : Worn with a turtleneck, the Knit V-Neck Jumper Pattern makes a casual, but stylish, winter outfit.

Craft Link : Knit V-Neck Jumper Pattern

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Knit Dress Pattern


Description : This Knit Dress Pattern is for a classic style, that will stay in fashion for years.

Craft Link : Knit Dress Pattern

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Knitted Purse


Description : Not all Knitted Purse patterns come out looking homey…this one is super stylish!

Craft Link : Knit Purse

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