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Needlepoint Tips

April 6, 2015 / No Comments

Needlepoint TipsLearn to do your own blocking and framing. You will save hundreds of dollars.

Another way to save money on framing is to create projects that don’t need a frame. Pillows and bell pulls are pretty and cost very little to finish.

If you only enjoy needlepointing pictures, then do a series of 8×11’s instead of one big 24×30. If you do the blocking and framing yourself, using dollar store frames, you will save almost $100.00.

Needlepoint stores will insist you need to use the highest quality yarns only. I don’t see why. I have made needlepoints from skeins of inexpensive yarn and they came out beautifully.

Sometimes you will see a needlepoint kit on a tremendous clearance sale but it is not to your taste. Consider buying it anyway if it is cheap enough. You can often change the colors of the needlepoint to ones you prefer. And, the yarns can be reused in another project.

Try to avoid going into expensive needlepoint shops unless there is a big sale. Prices in these stores will generally be 50% higher than in craft store chains.

Instead, shop on ebay. Ebay has a large selection of needlepoints at extremely reasonable prices.

JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels are also reasonably priced. Even in these stores, however, try to wait till a sale.

When matting your needlepoint, use only acid free board. Acid is what causes needlepoint to yellow prematurely.

One way to save money is to skip buying a canvas altogether. Library books have tons of needlepoint patterns. These patterns are worked similarly to counted cross-stitch.

Consider doing plastic canvas projects instead of needlepoint. Plastic canvas is worked into things(purses, baskets, boxes, etc.) instead of framed. Look for extremely cheap patterns on ebay.

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Torah Needlepoint Pattern

March 9, 2015 / No Comments

torah 1

What is a Tor­ah?

Imag­ine a bib­le, hand­writ­ten on cows­kin parch­ment, and rolled up and stored in a gor­geous vel­vet (or satin) and gold case.


  • strong, blank needlepoint canvas
  • needlepoint needle
  • white yarn (for the back­ground)
  • gold yarn (for the trim)
  • brown yarn (for the hand­les)
  • black yarn (for the out­lines)
  • burgundy or any other color yarn (for cen­ter of the Tor­ah)


Left click on the grid to save the pattern. Enlarge the program using Windows Paint or another program. Use the screen as a stit­ching guide or print out the pat­tern onto four sheets of paper and tape them together to make a single diagram.

torah 2

Starting at the lower right edge of the canvas, begin stitching the pat­tern in the graph onto your canvas.

Bring the need­le up from behind the can­vas and up through hole #1.

Push the need­le down through hole #2.

Repeat this same stitch throug­hout the en­tire proj­ect.

needlepoint 1

Note: Do NOT knot the thread. Instead let a short tail of thread hang out the back of the canvas and try to use your subsequent stit­ching to secure it.

When the graph changes colors, change the color of the yarn. If only a few stitches are required, instead of switching yarn, just jump to the next area.

needlepoint 2When ending a piece of yarn, slip an inch or two of it behind nearby stitches in order to secure it in place.

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125+ Free Plastic Canvas Patterns

December 31, 2014 / 19 Comments

free plastic canvas patterns

Photo by Crowbeak Sasquatch

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns are scattered throughout the internet. We’ve highlighted over 125 of our favorites. For more free plastic canvas patterns, try converting regular needlepoint to plastic canvas. It works!

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns For Accessories



Free Plastic Patterns For The Home

Decorative Accessories

Plastic Canvas Frames and Mirrors

Plastic Canvas Coasters

Plastic Canvas Tissue Boxes

Plastic Canvas Boxes and Baskets

Plastic Canvas Vases

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns For Outdoors

Plastic Canvas For The Holidays

Winter Holidays

Valentine’s Day



4th Of July

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns For Kids


Cartoon Figures

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns For Gifts

Adult Gifts

Kid’s Gifts

Plastic Canvas Pattern  Sharing Groups

Plastic Canvas Pattern Books

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How To Design Cross-Stitch Pillows

December 18, 2014 / No Comments

cross stitch pillow

I adore com­merc­ially manu­fac­tur­ed cross stitch pillow kits.  The de­signs are beaut­i­ful, the ins­truc­tions are clear, the threads are all as­sem­bled and most even come with an ex­tra need­le.

The problem is, commercial kits are generic. They often clash with my fabrics patterns and color schemes.  As a result, though the kits are fun to make up, I usually give away the finished projects.

To solve this dilemma, I’ve started designing my own cross-stitch pillows.

Here’s how….

Guidelines For Choosing A Pattern

I like to create patterns appropriate for three colors.

I find cross-stitch  stripes look nice with fabrics with small patterns and geometrics. Fabrics with larger patterns look good with checks or some other small,  plain, overall decoration. In general, I believe  the smaller and simpler the design, the better it blends  in with existing home decor fabrics.

After I decide on the basic style, I always make a mock-up on graph paper or the computer before spending the time and money to stitch the project.

needlepoint pillow 12


cross stitch pillow 2


How To Choose A Color Scheme

When I’m satisfied with the mock-up, I begin to work on the color scheme. Usually, I use the background color of my fabric as the background color of my pattern. Then I use two of the accent colors in the fabric as the accents in my color scheme.




Remember, these guidelines are only suggestions. What really matters is that you make a pillow that you absolutely love. If you need to break every single suggestion in order to do that, go right ahead!

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Completed Cross-Stitch Alphabet

December 1, 2014 / No Comments

Finished at last!  Here is the Completed version of my Free Cross-Stitch Alphabet.

I’m making this alphabet available for (almost) unlimited use.  Use it as is, or make changes. If you sell commercial products,  feel free to use the alphabet without acknowledgment.  If you have a website or blog,  you may re-post the alphabet, but with a link back.

bunting a-b

bunting c-d

cross stitch alphabet e-f

 free cross stitch alphabet  g-i

free cross stitch alphabet i-j

bunting k-l 3

cross stich alphabet m-n

cross stitch alphabet 0-P

cross stitch alphabet Q-R

cross stitch alphabet s-t

cross stitch alphabet u-v

cross stitch alphabet w-x

 cross stich alphabet y-z

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Free Needlepoint Ribbon Pillow

August 27, 2014 / No Comments


I’ve been thinking about charting this pillow design for a couple of weeks. Finally, tonight, I decided to sit down and do it. I hope you enjoy it.

Because the chart lines are hard to see, I’ll tell you the dimensions. The large red squares are 16×16 holes.  All of the small squares are 8×8 holes.  The yellow and red rectangles are 8×16 holes.

As far as the size of the finished pillow, it depends on the number of holes per inch of the canvas you use. To get the pillow dimensions you want, you may have to double the pattern.

Please leave me a message if you have any questions and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Click here for pdf file.

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Free Needlepoint Banner Pattern

August 25, 2014 / No Comments

free needlepoint banner pattern

Lately, everywhere I look, I’ve been seeing wonderful sewing patterns for banners and bunting. Here is my needlepoint version of that great idea.

The finished needlepoint will be about 1 1/2 tall and can be used for gift tags, embellishing clothing, making jewelry, creating greeting cards or just about anything else your imagination can dream up.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be charting an alphabet to be used with the banner pattern.

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