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How To Make Garnishing Flags

August 30, 2013 / No Comments

How To Make Garnishing Flags

Several weeks ago, a  distant relative got married and I helped a couple members of the family make a party for him and his wife.  At my niece’s suggestion, I made 50 garnishing flags for the fruit cups we would be serving as appetizers. They could have also been used to decorate brownies, cupcakes or even large serving bowls of potato salad.

Here’s how to make your own garnishing flags:

How To Make Garnishing Flags 1Using Microsoft Paint or a similar program, shrink the picture of your choice to about 103 x 77 pixels. You don’t have be exact, but that size looked very nice on my project.  Try to use a picture without too much detail or the reduced photograph will look much too crowded.

To shrink the photo, click resize>pixels. Uncheck the maintain aspect ratio box. Then enter the value 103 into the horizontal box and 77 into the vertical box. Click the okay button.

How To Make Garnishing Flags 2Line up two copies of the photos, next to each other. 

To do this, click select>select all>cut.

Then click resize and uncheck maintain aspect ratio box. Using the percentage option, change the horizontal box to 200. Leave the vertical box unchanged.  Click the okay button.

Now click paste, to return the original image to the editing box. Left click your mouse and drag the image all the way to the right of the editing box.

Again click paste. This will return another original image to the editing box.  You should now have two side by side copies of the original image.

How To Make Garnishing Flags 3Print out your photos, cut them to size and glue them around the top of a toothpick.

Tip: If you need to create more than one flag, you’ll save a lot of time by crafting them production style. First do all your printing, then all the cutting, and finally, all the gluing.

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Photo Crafts

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I’m still working busily on my link clean-up spree.  Today’s big project was this photo craft links page. Virtually everything on the page has been removed and replace with fresh new project ideas. Enjoy!

If you are fond of memory crafts, you will enjoy this set of lovely projects. None of the projects require special skills, so they are all easily doable. Enjoy them in your own home or you can give them away for personalized gifts.

Note: Though some projects are specifically grouped under the gift section, almost all of the projects fit that role.

Photo Display Ideas


Photo Jewelry


Photo Gifts


Photo Toys


Photo Transfer Ideas

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Photo505 allows you to turn your favor­ite pho­tos into fun dig­ital com­po­si­tions. It’s fast and super easy to use.

Here are some examples I created. Each one took less than a minute to make.

The adorable models are my kittens!!



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