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22 Adorable And Free Clutch Patterns

March 3, 2015 / No Comments


I usual­ly use an enor­mous purse, stuffed with ob­jects for every pos­sible  occur­rence.  How­ever, even I, on occa­sion, like to  car­ry some­thing smal­ler. Wed­­dings, doc­tor ap­point­­ments and even last min­­ute runs to the post of­f­ice,  go smooth­er with­out all the bulk of a big bag.

Here are 22 ab­solute­ly ador­able and free clutch pat­terns:

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50+ Free Handbag Patterns

March 1, 2015 / 3 Comments

Free Handbag Patterns

These free handbag patterns have tons of uses. Make one or two for yourself to match a favorite outfit, throw together a couple as gifts, or use one of the easier free handbag patterns to teach a youngster to sew. Because many of these patterns use so little fabric and are quick to complete, they make versatile projects for a variety of sit­ua­tions.

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