Changing The Engine

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When we were youn­ger my hus­band used to do all his own auto­mob­ile re­pairs. He took photos of many of the jobs and I had half a box of pic­tures of dir­ty en­gines sit­ting around. After a lot of thought, I decided to make a scrap­book page doc­umen­ting one of the big­ger proj­ects.

Materials and Equipment:

thin cardboard
grey cardstock
white cardstock
white printer paper
black marker


1. Cut 3/4″ off the length and the height of the grey cardstock.

2. Glue they grey cardstock onto the cardboard, making sure that the border around the cardstock is equal on all sides.

3. Mount the photos onto white cardstock, allowing a 1/4 border on all sides.

4. Position the photos onto the grey cardstock and glue into place.

5. Cut out several car and tire shapes and glue to the grey cardstock. Attach the brads so that the appear to be the center of the tires.

5. Print out the title using an outline font. Using the black marker, fill in several of the letters.

6. Attach the title to the page, using glue.

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