DIY High Chair Makeover With Duct Tape

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High Chair 102

We got a third hand (or possibly 4th hand) high chair from a neighbor a couple of weeks ago. I knew it HAD to be fixed up before it could be used, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

At first I though I would cover it with fabric or with contact paper. However, I soon found that the screw were rusted on and the seat and back couldn’t be removed, so those options were out. Therefore, the only choice left was duct tape.

DIY High Chair Makeover With Duct Tape

1. Clean the high chair as well as possible. I not only cleaned the seat and back, I also washed down the legs, the tray and even the straps. Allow plenty of time for the high chair to dry.

2. Cover the high chair completely with the duct tape. There is no exact way to do this. Just get in every nook and cranny you can reach. If some of the duct tape looks wrinkled or messy, recover that section so that it looks neat.

3. Cut out a design from the contact paper and stick onto the duct tape.  This step is obviously optional , but it does make the finished chair look much nicer.

One more tip: High chairs have several parts that can easily break; the connectors on the straps and the tray. Be sure these parts are in good shape before spending the time fixing up the chair.

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