Easy Wall Decoration

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The Jewish holiday, Succos, ended a few weeks ago. As part of my traditional yearly preparations, I made a few new decorations for our succah. Since I had a couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper I wanted to use up, I decided a paper craft project was the way to go.


The first thing I did was to locate a clip art picture of a dove. Doves are a traditional Jewish symbol meaning peace.

I then enlarged the dove, printed it out in black ink, and carefully cut it around the edges.


I then taped the cut dove onto scrapbooking paper. I didn’t worry about doing a neat tape job because I knew the tape would never be seen.


Finally, I cut the dove out of the scrapbooking paper and attached it to the wall on our back porch.  Since we live in Israel, and stone is a traditional building material here, the walls of both our front and back porch are stone.


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