Flyers Scrapbook Page

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Flyers Scrapbook Page

I made this page to celebrate when my husband completed his model airplane. The plane cost over $200.00 and took over 3 months to finish. You can just imagine how thrilled I was when the project was over!

To make this page, first I mounted a sheet of white cardstock on a slightly larger sheet of orange cardstock. This created the “frame” for the page.

Then, I mounted each of my photos on slightly larger sheets of orange cardstock.

I cut out each of the letters to make the title and glued them on to the page using acid-free glue.

I dress a freehand picture of the outline of an airplane and cut it out. I used a black marker to draw some details onto the cutout.

Last, I mounted the airplane onto the page using puffy tape. This made the plane look a little like it was floating. I felt it fit in well with the flying theme.

The whole project took about an hour, and I really like the way it came out.

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  1. Katie says:

    I suspect your favorite part of his project may have been making this SCRAPBOOK PAGE! (I’m with you there, sister!) It’s the same at our house, though we’re both totally distracted with our new home in Germany–just started blogging about it!

    I like the paper plane image you added–a great touch.

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