How To Add Adsense Channels To Your WordPress Blog

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How To Add Adsense Channels To Your WordPress Blogsource: JD Hancock

Yesterday, I decided to add Adsense channels to my WordPress blog.  I figured, after watching some online how-to videos, that the entire process would take about 30 minutes.

I was wrong.

About 4 hours later, I finally finished.

The problem was that I wanted to create channels for several of my categories – sewing, polymer clay, recipes, and jewelry making. There is no automatic way to do this. I had to install a special plugin, which no one had mentioned in any of the instructions.

I feel that most of the 14 hours could have been eliminated with good WordPress-specific instructions. So rather than leave you in the same situation, here are step-by-step instructions for adding Adsense channels to a WordPress blog.

Note: This tutorial assumes you have some prior experience using adwords.

1. Go to the main page of your Adsense account.

Create new ads for each of the categories you are planning to turn into channels, using the instructions on the page. Be sure to label the new ads with the names of your categories.

Image 7Creating category-specific ads

 I called one of my ads 336×280 Jewelry Making, created 12/22/14. That name seems long, but it was very useful later to have an informative title.

I also made a single ad for all the categories that I didnt want to turn into channels. I called this ad 336×280 All-Purpose, created 12/22/14.

2. Remove all ads (except from your sidebars) from your category pages. Otherwise, when you insert ads using the plugin, you will have too many ads per page.

3. Download the plugin called Ad Inserter.  Ad Inserter is free and relatively easy to use. You can use this plugin to insert the ads into specific categories.

This is where it gets complicated.

First, insert the all-purpose ad into all the categories that you don’t want to turn into channels. To do this, use the black list option to list every category that will later have it’s own channel. This way these posts won’t have two ads; one from the all-purpose ad and one from the category-specific ad.

Image 3Adding ads to pages that won’t be turned into channels

 Next, white list the category you do want to add channels to. Notice when I was inserting my jewelry ad, I white listed the jewelry category.  That means that the ad will only be added to this category.

Image 4Adding ads to pages that will be turned into channels

 4. Go back to adsense.  Click on My Ads, then click on Custom Channels.

Watch the Adsense video on creating custom channels. From this point on, the video is self- explanatory.

Image 6Your completed channels

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I will use your questions to improve this tutorial.

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