How To Crop A Photo With Fotoflexer

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This tutorial is the start of a series of posts on using a free, online program called Fotoflexer to edit your photos. Fotoflexer offers many useful photo editing tools and is very easy to use.

Today we are starting with one of the most basic editing needs, cropping.

Uploading The Photo

Go the Fotoflexer Homepage and click Upload Your Photo. You will be taken to another screen and then allowed to transfer a photo from your computer to the online program.

Adorable KittensI chose an adorable photo of our kittens, taken two months ago.

Cropping The Photo

After uploading your photo, you will be transferred to a menu of options.

In order to crop a photo, click on the icon labeled Crop. Then use your mouse to right-click on your photo. While still pressing on the right-click button, drag your mouse across and down the photo, and a box will appear. That box shows the parts of the photo that will be cropped.

Cropped Adorabole KittensYou may need to try several times before you have the box exactly where you need it. If so, just press Cancel and then Crop, each time to restart the process.

When you are satisfied with the area selected within the box, press Crop Selected Area to complete the crop.

Saving The Photo

When finished, click Done and then Save.  This will bring up the save screen, and computer will prompt you through several steps for saving your project.

Be sure you have correctly saved your work before leaving the program.

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