How To Decorate A Sukkah

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What is a sukkah?

In the simplest terms, it is a hut that Jews put up during the holiday of Succos. Most meals are eaten in the sukkah, and in Israel, where we live, the sukkah is often slept in because the weather is still warm. Also, much of our spare time is spent in the sukkah, reading, playing board games and talking. After the holiday is over, the sukkah is taken down and packed away again for next year.

SuccahDecorations medium bright

Here is a photograph of our sukkah. As you can see, tastefulness is NOT the rule of the day. My one criteria for making/buying sukkah decorations is that the tacky factor must be very high.

To that end, our sukkah contains a hodgepodge of  fake evergreen garlands, tinsel ropes, shiny metallic stars and dangling things,  pictures of fruit and molded plastic signs.

I’m not saying a sukkah has to be bright, with a hundred different colors and patterns, that’s just the way I like to go.  I enjoy the cheeriness of the whole thing, especially at night, when everything seems to glow with diffused light.

If you’d like to see an elegant sukkah, Creative Jewish Mom has some very nice photographs.

sukkahHere’s a photo of a more homey looking sukkah,  also from Creative Jewish Mom.

sukkah 2As you can see sukkah decorations can run a tremendous gamut of styles, though I think my “go for the glow” theme is probably the easiest and most common.

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