How To Make A Homemade Matching Game

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How To Make A Homemade Matching Game

Here is simple toy I made to en­ter­tain my tod­dler neph­ews. The en­tire pro­ject only took an hour and used up sev­er­al sheets of un­want­ed craft pap­ers.


To make your own home­made match­ing game you’ll need  slic­es of id­en­ti­cal scrap­book pap­er with dis­tinc­tive des­igns, glue, scis­sors and heavy cards­tock or card­board and a temp­late.


I used a paper cd en­vel­ope as my tem­plate and cut out 6 sets of 2 match­ing squares from scrap­book paper. I then glued the squares onto heavy board.

Match­ing Game For Todd­lers

To use the match­ing toy with todd­lers pick up one tile and ask the child to find its’ twin. Watch the child care­fully to make sure he doesn’t put the tiles into his mouth.

Con­cent­ra­tion Game For Old­er Child­ren

To use the tiles as a con­cen­tra­tion game, turn all tiles up­side down. Have the child ran­dom­ly choose two tiles and look for a match. If no match oc­curs, place the tiles up­side down in the same loc­a­tion they were sel­ec­ted from and the next play­er tries again. If a match does oc­cur, the tiles are re­moved from the game.

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