How To Repair Your Shower Curtain

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Shower curtains look great when they first come out of the box, but after a few years they sometimes start to rip. Since no one wants to throw out an otherwise good shower curtain, I’ve put together a short tutorial to help with this problem.

1. The weakest part of most shower curtains is the area surrounding the hooks. Because of the constant pressure, this is the part of the curtain most likely to tear.

2. To fix the area around the hook, gather your supplies. You will need the shower curtain, clear contact paper, a hole punch and a scissors.

3. Cut your contact paper to size. The contact paper should be large enough to be folded over the top of the shower curtain and still leave a 2-3 inch margin on all sides of the tear.

4. Remove the backing from the contact paper. Carefully, stick the contact paper onto the backside of the curtain. Fold the contact paper over, and stick the paper onto the front side of the shower curtain.

5. Punch a hole in the shower curtain. Using your fingers, put press down on the contact paper surrounding the hole, in case it was dislodged by the punch.

6. Reattach the hook and hang the shower curtain. The repair is complete.

This “fix” was written for torn shower curtains but you may choose to apply the contact paper even if no tear is present. It’s a way of reinforcing the weakest part of the shower curtain and increasing it’s usable life span.

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