How To Design Cross-Stitch Pillows

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cross stitch pillow

I adore com­merc­ially manu­fac­tur­ed cross stitch pillow kits.  The de­signs are beaut­i­ful, the ins­truc­tions are clear, the threads are all as­sem­bled and most even come with an ex­tra need­le.

The problem is, commercial kits are generic. They often clash with my fabrics patterns and color schemes.  As a result, though the kits are fun to make up, I usually give away the finished projects.

To solve this dilemma, I’ve started designing my own cross-stitch pillows.

Here’s how….

Guidelines For Choosing A Pattern

I like to create patterns appropriate for three colors.

I find cross-stitch  stripes look nice with fabrics with small patterns and geometrics. Fabrics with larger patterns look good with checks or some other small,  plain, overall decoration. In general, I believe  the smaller and simpler the design, the better it blends  in with existing home decor fabrics.

After I decide on the basic style, I always make a mock-up on graph paper or the computer before spending the time and money to stitch the project.

needlepoint pillow 12


cross stitch pillow 2


How To Choose A Color Scheme

When I’m satisfied with the mock-up, I begin to work on the color scheme. Usually, I use the background color of my fabric as the background color of my pattern. Then I use two of the accent colors in the fabric as the accents in my color scheme.




Remember, these guidelines are only suggestions. What really matters is that you make a pillow that you absolutely love. If you need to break every single suggestion in order to do that, go right ahead!

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