Organize Your Craft Supplies

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organize-your-craft-suppliessource: scribbletaylor

You could easily spend a small for­tune or­gan­iz­ing your craft supp­lies. But why both­er? For $10 – $20 you can cre­ate your own, high­ly eff­ic­ient stor­age sys­tem. It’s sim­p­le.

Here’s how:

Pur­chase clear, stack­able stor­age box­es with lids from the dol­lar store. Get about ten of these and label them with a perm­anent mark­er or a pret­ty lab­el. These will be the bas­is of your stor­age sys­tem.

Put small ob­jects of the same type in heavy duty re­seal­able plas­tic stor­age bags. Then put the stor­age bags in the boxes. The types of objects that go in the storage bags are bits of fibers, buttons, small packages of Fimo, eyelets, etc.

Use clean tin cans for storing markers, colored pencils, scissors, etc. If your want to, you can make the cans nicer by covering them with patterned scrapbook paper.

Get a couple of brag book type albums from the dollar store. These can be used to store stickers and die cuts.

Supplies that are too large to fit into storage bags or cans can go directly into your plastic boxes.

Anything too large to fit directly into your plastic boxes can go into a cardboard storage box. Just be sure to label the outside.

That’s it. Didn’t I tell you it was simple?

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