Origami Corner Bookmark Tutorial

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I used to love origami as a child but I haven’t tried it in years. I decided the best way to start back again was with the simplest project I could find.

Origami Corner Bookmark

Start with a medium size square of paper. I used special origami paper because it’s super cheap, and already cut to size. Fold the square in half diagonally to create a triangle.

1Fold the triangle in half to create another another, smaller triangle.

2Open your triangles and the paper flat again.

3Fold two opposite corners in, to meet in the middle.

4Fold the model in half, along the original crease line.

5Bring up the right corner on the longest edge to the middle of the model.

6Bring up the right corner on the longest edge to the middle of the model.

7Tuck one flap into the little pocket that you created.

8Tuck the second flap into the pocket, and the bookmark is complete.


To Decorate, cut out a triangle slightly smaller than the bookmark. Glue the triangle onto the front of the bookmark, centering it carefully. Attach an embellishment to the center of the triangle.

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