Summer Quilt Cross Stitch Pattern

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summer quilt cross stitch patternI designed this free cross stitch pattern to celebrate the warm and wonderful days of the season.Though I’m not a quilter, I have an aunt who is, and I have a deep appreciation for this painstaking craft.

summer quilt cross stitch pattern full size and without linesThis pattern is a great one for beginner stitchers. Because the entire design is just a diamond, repeated in various colors, it’s very easy to understand.

How can this pattern be utilized?

The most obvious answer (to me, at least) is as a throw pillow. But don’t limit yourself to that.

You can also use the pattern to create an entire matched set for your kitchen.

  • – pocket trim for a fancy apron
  • – center design for a small, square coaster
  • – kitchen curtain edging
  • – center design for a decorative potholder
  • – center design for a decorative kitchen towel

In addition, why just limit the use of the Summer Quilt pattern to cross stitch. It would also work out well with needlepoint, mosaic tile, or even paper piecing for the front of a greeting card.  Because the pattern is made from geometric pieces, the possibilities are endless!

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