Torah Needlepoint Pattern

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Free Needlepoint Torah Pattern

What is a Tor­ah?

Imag­ine a bib­le, hand­writ­ten on cows­kin parch­ment, and rolled up and stored in a gor­geous vel­vet (or satin) and gold case.


  • strong, blank needlepoint canvas
  • needlepoint needle
  • white yarn (for the back­ground)
  • gold yarn (for the trim)
  • brown yarn (for the hand­les)
  • black yarn (for the out­lines)
  • burgundy or any other color yarn (for cen­ter of the Tor­ah)


Left click on the grid to save the pattern. Enlarge the program using Windows Paint or another program. Use the screen as a stit­ching guide or print out the pat­tern onto four sheets of paper and tape them together to make a single diagram.

Torah Needlepoint Pattern

Starting at the lower right edge of the canvas, begin stitching the pat­tern in the graph onto your canvas.

Bring the need­le up from behind the can­vas and up through hole #1.

Push the need­le down through hole #2.

Repeat this same stitch throug­hout the en­tire proj­ect.

needlepoint 1

Note: Do NOT knot the thread. Instead let a short tail of thread hang out the back of the canvas and try to use your subsequent stit­ching to secure it.

When the graph changes colors, change the color of the yarn. If only a few stitches are required, instead of switching yarn, just jump to the next area.

needlepoint 2When ending a piece of yarn, slip an inch or two of it behind nearby stitches in order to secure it in place.

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