Trivet Tile Pendant Tutorial

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Trivet Tile Pendant Tutorial
Several months ago I bought a wooden trivet and challenged myself to use it to make some crafts. This Trivet Tile Pendant is the first project is what I hope to be entire series.


To make the pendant you’ll need glue, a wooden trivet tile, a scissors, pen and some kind of chain or rope.


To begin, trace the outline of the tile on a sheet of scrapbook paper. Cut the outline out, careful to cut about 1/16 on an inch inside each of the lines.


Glue the cutout onto the trivet tile, centering it carefully. I used regular glue with good success.


Thread two chains or ropes through the two pre-drilled holes in the tiles.


If you want to coat your pendant with mod podge, that will add extra durability, however I skipped that step.

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