20 Ways To Use The Library To Save Money

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source: runmonty

I adore the library. It’s a fabulous resource for saving money. It’s full of free information, entertainment, and programs that would otherwise cost big bucks if you had to pay for them yourself.

Here are 20 of my favorite ways to take advantage of the library:


Borrow novels instead of buying them. Just be careful not to rack up overdue fines.

Read the library’s newspaper. Cancel your home subscription.

Skip the newsstand and instead read magazines for free. Most libraries have an enormous selection to choose from.

Check out the library’s used book section. Bring home several books for a dollar or less.


Dip into a sewing book. Begin doing your own hems, zippers and other minor repairs.

Gather information on investments. Make some changes to your portfolio.

Study a car repair manual. Try your hand at fixing your car.

Copy down some money saving recipes for pantry basics. Learn to make your own jellies, cheese, cured meats and condiments.

Flip through some frugal books and learn some new tips. My personal favorite is the Tightwad Gazette.

Borrow a home repair manual. Use it to do your own painting, plumbing and gardening.

Use a book to learn a new craft. Save big bucks during the holidays by making your own gifts.


Have your kids participate in the library’s reading program. They’ll get free prizes, tickets to the zoo and other treats.

If your not a big internet junkie, use the library’s account. It’s free and accessible whenever the library is open.

Use the library to relax. Skip the coffee shop and make the library your new, favorite “de-stress spot.”

Take your kids to one of the library’s summer programs. These include story hour, puppet shows, animal programs and more.

Borrow developmental toys for your children to enjoy. Not every library has this service, but if your does, it’s a tremendous money saver.

Skip the music store and get your dvds from the library instead. Explore some new styles of music.

Watch the library’s selection of movies. It’s cheaper than cable and quality is generally very high.


Peruse the library’s coupon box. Not every library has this service.

Read the library’s copy of Consumer Reports. Be sure your next big purchase is a smart one.

Please let me know if you have any ideas to add to the list. I always enjoy getting input from readers.

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