How To Make Low-Fat Sour Cream Really Zing!

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source: liz west

I use a lot of sour cream. I scoop it onto baked potatoes, tacos, and burritos. I enjoy it as a garnish on soup and chili. It’s delish.

However, since I’m always on a diet, I use only low-fat sour cream.

Luckily, I’ve found a way to make low-fat sour cream really zing. It tastes so good, I barely notice it’s healthy.

To get the yummy taste, I add a lot of seasonings to the sour cream.

For instance, before I want to add sour cream to a baked potato, I first season it with salt, pepper and a ton of garlic. When I want to add sour cream to a burrito or taco, I stir in garlic and salsa. For soups, I usually stir in salt, pepper and dill, depending on the type of soup.

The taste of the sour cream becomes so sharp and vivid, I barely notice the lower fat consistency.

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