How To Survive Without Air Conditioning

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Source: Bengin Ahmad

Back when we lived in the US, we had central air conditioning in the house. It was glorious! Cold air poured from every vent.

Now that we live in a state of voluntary impoverishment (i.e. the Middle East) we use fans only. We can afford to buy an air conditioner, but the high monthly electric bills would be too much for our reduced salaries.

Most of you probably do have air conditioning of some sort, but you may not want to use it 24 hours a day. Learning about our lifestyle will give you some tips on how to reduce your usage.

How did we survive going from central air conditioning to a life where fans are a luxury?

Source: 190.arch

1) We dress appropriately. Avoid black clothing, heavy fabrics and clingy materials. Whites, light colors and light cottons are the way to survive. In other words, loose is good, polyester is bad.

Source: Martha Heinemann Bixby

2) We constantly monitor your liquid intake. I drink at least a gallon per day during the summer. And remember, water only. Caffeinated drinks are not acceptable substitutes.

In addition, take water with you wherever you go. I always keep a bottle of water in my pocketbook. When it gets low, I refill it.

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3) We open our curtains at night and shut them first thing in the morning. The sun will heat up your home if you give it the chance.

I live in a very safe neighborhood, so not only are my shades open, but all of my windows are also. The night air cool cools the apartment wonderfully.

Source: Carlos Lorenzo

4) We splash yourself with water when the heat becomes overwhelming. Your face, chest and hair all work. A cool shower works even better.

Source: Toshiyuki IMAI

5) We use fans judiciously. Try doing most of your work in one place, and place the fan directly in front of you.

Source: CJ Anderson

6) We expect to sweat. I grew up believing that sweat was to be avoided at all costs. I was wrong. Its not the ultimate evil. Its okay. Really.

Source: lauren rushing

7) Most important, we live according to the weather. This means heavy housework, shopping and garden work gets done only early in the morning or late at night.

Do low-key work, like typing or writing, during the middle of the day.

Where I live, many stores are closed each day from 1:00 to 4:00, because that’s the time for staying indoors. As a matter of fact, during the summer, I usually don’t leave my house before 5 or 6 pm, when the temperature drops dramatically.

I’m sure your temperature situation is not nearly as extreme as ours is, but there may be aspects of our lifestyle that you can adapt to save money.

What summer survival tips did we miss? Please share your tip by adding a comment below!

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