Reduce Your Heating Bill by Adding a Sweater

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reduce-your-heating-bill-by-adding-a-sweatersource: somarj

Now is the perfect time for a quick rant:

Why do my son and husband wear light weight clothes in winter and then turn on the heat? Or, wear heavy clothes in summer and complain they’re hot? Don’t they realize it’s a lot cheaper to put on temperature appropriate clothing than use the fan or heater?

Apparently not.

And, though I haven’t actually taken a survey, I think that this is pretty common in many homes.  People either wake up in the morning and wear whatever is most attractive without thought for the weather or they wear what is comfortable in the morning and don’t change as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. Either way, they give no thought to dressing for the weather.

No more!

For now on, I will not be accepting any requests for turning on heaters or fans from people wearing inappropriate clothing.  You want to be comfortable?  First change your clothes.  Afterwards, if you are still too hot or too cold, then we will discuss it.

If they are annoyed with me, I don’t care. I’m betting my next utility bill will provide me with all the comfort I need.

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